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Wale Seriki

Primary Distributor for Bioneat, West Africa 

About Olawale Seriki

Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Wale Seriki is the Primary Distributor for BioNeat’s West Africa division. As a seasoned businessman and leader, he spent years honing his business acumen in various jobs and positions. At the beginning of his professional career, Wale worked as a stockbroker in a few of New York City’s finest brokerage firms, including Raike Financial and Harrison Securities. 

While Wale loved his career in finance and helping clients reach their goals, he always felt like something was missing and began to get homesick for Nigeria. He wanted to do more for his home and the people who lived there. When Wale was introduced to the Vice President of BioNeat, he found his chance to make his dream a reality. 

BioNeat, a biological agricultural company, produces industry-leading and sustainable products such as fertilizers and adjuvants. When Wale was introduced to the company, they had been looking to expand into West Africa but kept running into problems getting the project off the ground. In need of government contacts, BioNeat was unable to bring their business to the region. Seeing their predicament as his opportunity to reconnect with his home, Wale offered up his help.

As the son of a Nigerian political leader, Wale Seriki had connections within the government—not to mention a passion for the region’s people and wellbeing. Three years into his time with BioNeat, Wale has been able to bring back Nigeria’s passion for agriculture. The company’s expansion into West Africa is also great for its economy—their gross domestic product has already seen an incredible increase. 

What’s more, BioNeat’s products are effectively improving the natural environment. Certified by the USDA’s BioPreferred Program, the company’s solutions are biodegradable, nontoxic, non-polluting, and non-reactive, ensuring that they will not damage the environment and leave it more bountiful year to year. 

Wale Seriki, an APC party member, is proud to help his country by providing access to agricultural solutions that improve the health of his people and the economy. In addition to BioNeat, Wale also works with a construction company that handles contracts for the Lagos state government, specializing in roads infrastructure.

He has always lived by the mindset that helping others provides the most value to one’s own life. His father taught him that a leader is someone who puts the needs of their people before their own, and he hopes that his contribution to his community can help improve people’s lives for the better. 

In his downtime, Wale Seriki enjoys letting out some steam by playing a few rounds of golf. At ten years old, his father and uncle taught him how to play. To this day, the days they played golf together were some of the happiest days of his life. 

To learn more about Wale Seriki and his views on agriculture, please visit his blog.