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When people think of New York City the first thing that comes to mind is bright lights and great pizza. The city’s farm history dates back to the very beginning of it all. Farming has been making a big comeback during the past few years. Urban farms are giving the people of NYC to get back to their roots and show why green space is needed in their city. Every single borough hosts at least one urban farm whether it’s been there for 20 years or just made recently. Here’s a list of some of the most notable urban farms in New York City.


The Battery Urban Farm

The Battery is located just at the tip of Manhattan. The food is harvested by students who then donate the food to school lunchrooms and local food pantries nearby. The 25-acre park dedicated one acre to growing over 100 types of vegetables.



This urban farm is created specifically for the Riverpark restaurant. While many places in the city get their produce from local markets, Riverpark decided to grow their produce themselves. The farm is located in the Alexandria center and provides food for the restaurant from spring until fall. A cool fun fact is that they use 7,000 milk crates as growing beds for the big selection of vegetables.


La Finca del Sur Community Garden

An abandoned lot in the South Bronx was transformed into a farm by a group of Latina and black women. The farm is a nonprofit organization that allows people to come and grow vegetables for their use. They played a large part in launching the South Bronx Farmers Market.


Oko Farms

Located in Bushwick, Oko Farms is home to not only vegetables and fruit but also freshwater fish. This means that they are running an aquaponic farm right in the city. Oko Farms has worked with real estate partners with the Department of Housing Preservation and Development in order to provide fresh foods to local income families.


Harlem Grown

Founded only 9 years ago, the Harlem Grown Urban farm strives to educate the kids of Harlem about agriculture. They offer educational programs, internships, and summer camp opportunities. The farm ended up creating a second location so there is more space for people to volunteer. Harlem Grown is helping its community in many different ways with all of their work.